All the products available at all Nilson Pharmacies are chosen for their ability to improve the quality of your health and general well being. We are a full-service pharmacy and offer a wide variety of healthcare products and services which include:

Vitamins & Supplements

We stock a variety of vitamins and supplements as well as wellness products for you and your family.

Prescription medication

Our outlets are well stocked with medications for your prescriptions requirements and are maned by qualified associates who go out of their way to meet and satisfy all your needs. We have Prescription Medications which include:

  1. Anti-hypertensives for all your blood pressure and heart medications.
  2. Asthma and COPD.
  3. Diabetes control Medications for all your blood sugar control requirements.
  4. Cholesterol medications.
  5. Anti-malarial for both prevention and treatment of malaria.
  6. Pain Medications.
  7. Contraceptives and hormones.
  8. Topical creams and ointments.
  9. Extemporaneous preparations.

Over the counter medication

We stock a variety of over the counter medications to meet your needs, why shop anywhere else? You will find;

  1. Cold and flu medications.
  2. Antihistamines for allergies.
  3. Antacids and laxatives.
  4. First aid kits.
  5. Creams and ointments.
  6. Eye and ear drops.
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